See the Inauguration of Podar Khushi Kids
  Setting up an early intervention centre in a pre-school for children with autism in the city of Mumbai is the need of the hour. Podar Education Network [PEN] in association with New Horizons Child Development Centre [NHCDC] proudly presents PODAR KHUSHI KIDS- a kindergarten program dedicated to the focused nurturing, care, education and Therapy for children with autism.

Podar Education Network [PEN] is a premier educational group with expertise in kindergarten education. Dr Samir H Dalwai’s New Horizons Child Development Centre is a Multi disciplinary Comprehensive Institute engaged in developmental intervention for children in Mumbai and is professionally managed by a team of eminent pediatricians and therapists.
  PKK is an initiative for children with autism [2 to 8 years]. Our children will receive non-formal education along with individualized therapeutic intervention. We will work with every child to enhance her/his strengths and to overcome her/his challenges. They will receive structured education at PKK and will benefit from specialized therapies and group sessions at NHCDC.